About Us ( WOA ) World Orchid Association

•   簡介   Brief Introduction

世界蘭花協會是由中國花卉協會蘭花分會常務理事孫崇格、新加坡胡姬種植人協會會長梁傳豐、馬來西亞福利花藝培訓學院院長王梅麗等世界各國蘭友聯合發起, 以非營利為目的的社會團體。 2015年 10月 16日, 世界蘭花協會在中國香港依法注冊成立,並於 2015年 12月 8日 在中國三亞蘭花世界召開成立大會暨第一次會員代表大會。 協會宗旨為結合全球蘭花科研、生產及銷售業者, 推動蘭花產業蓬勃發展,開發國際市場,提升產銷技術,協助政府發展花卉產業基本政策及組織並參與世界各國的蘭花展覽而設立。

The World Orchid Association is a non-profit organization which was co-launched by Standing director of Orchid Branch of China Flower Association, Mr. Lawrence Sun, Chairman of Singapore Orchid Growers’ Association, Mr. Neo Tuan Hong, Education Director of Malaysia Lee Flower Design Academy Sdn. Bhd, Ms. Kathy Ong AIFD, and many other orchid friends from around the world. The W.O.A was established by law in Hong Kong on October 16th, 2015. The Inaugural Meeting& the First General Assembly of the W.O.A was held in China Sanya Orchid World on December 8th, 2015. The objectives of the W.O.A include combining the researchers, growers and distributors around the world, promoting the development of orchid cultivation and distribution, developing domestic and international markets, improving production and marketing techniques, assisting government in basic policies of developing flower industry and organizing.

• 我們竭誠為您服務   What we can do for you.

1. 我們可以為蘭花愛好者建立一個互聯互通的平臺。這是一個移動互聯網的年代,我們需要一個收集世界各國的蘭花資訊的平臺,讓會員共享,了解蘭花產業和弘揚蘭花文化。

We can provide a very convenient platform for orchid lovers to have a mutual communication. As we all know, everything is connected by internet in this mobile internet era. As for us orchid lovers, we need a platform to collect information, to share the latest information in orchid industry, to develop a better orchid market and to better understand the orchid culture.

2. 世界蘭花協會是一個非營利的組織,但通過平臺的交流,為會員的生意帶來一些意想不到的渠道,給會員帶來廣泛的交流和互助的機會。

The W.O.A is a non-profit association, but the members can do business through the amazing platform that we provide. And we can provide opportunities for our members to communicate and help each other.

3. 通過世界蘭花協會組織並參與世界各國的蘭展,增進蘭友的情感,世界蘭友一家親。

We can participate in and hold the worldwide orchid exhibitions, thus to enhance the relationship between orchid friends form the world.

4. 我們的總部設立在國際都市香港,香港是世界金融中心,是進入中國及世界其他各國的門戶。中國在未來的蝴蝶蘭市場會達到2億株,有廣闊的市場前景。

The head-quarter is in Hong Kong, which is a cosmopolis, the world financial center, the platform to get to China and to other countries in the world. There is no doubt that China is a potential orchid market whose demand will increase to 200 million plants in the next 5 years.

5. 開展智力開發和引進工作,組織蘭花業務培訓,提高蘭花從業人員的業務素質和專業水准,促進蘭花市場應用開發及教育。

We can carry out work of intellectual development and introduction; organize orchid business training to improve the quality and professional level of the orchid practitioners, and to promote the applications and education of orchid market.

6. 輔助蘭花產銷業者,提高生產及銷售能力。

We can assist orchid growers and distributors to upgrade the production and marketing capacities.

7. 開展國內國際蘭花市場考察及推介活動。

We organize domestic and international market exploration and promotion.

8. 發行蘭花產業動態刊物,推廣蘭花專業知識。

We publish journals on orchid industry dynamics, thus to promote orchid professional knowledge.

9. 培養蘭花產銷技術人才,促進蘭花產業永續發展。

We nurture talent of orchid production and marketing technology, thus to promote a continuous development of orchid industry.

10. 幫助政府發展花卉產業基本政策

We assist the government to develop the fundamental policy of flower industry.

Big events

1. 世界蘭花協會成立大會暨第一次會員代表大會
Inaugural Meeting& the First General Assembly of the W.O.A

2. 世界蘭花協會會員泰國雞尾酒會  
Cocktail Party in Thailand.

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